HOLD-UP - An arrest has been made in a recent armed robbery in Cabell County.

According to police, David Weaver was arrested in the Ceredo area and charged with two counts of first-degree armed robbery.

Police say he has an extensive criminal history spanning numerous states.

He has also been charged previously with grand theft auto, carjacking and armed robbery.

The armed robbery took place on January 26th at the Sheetz on 18th Street West in the parking lot, where officers say two men stated they were approached by a white man with a gun upon exiting the store.

Weaver allegedly took the victims’ wallets and keys and fled in the victims’ vehicle.

MAN WITH GUN GOES TO WASHINGTON - Dennis Westover, a 71-year-old man from South Charleston, West Virginia was arrested in Washington D.C. Wednesday, charged with carrying a pistol without a license.

According to police reports, an officer reports that Westover parked at an intersection close to the U.S. Capitol just after 1:30 p.m. Wednesday afternoon and left his vehicle. Westover reportedly walked up to the fencing placed during the inauguration of President Joe Biden and began shouting at a Guardsman behind the fence.

According to charging documents, when approached, Westover told the responding officer that he “wanted to see the fence that was around ‘my Capitol.’” The officer identified Westover and asked if he had a firearm. Westover told the officer he had a P365 pistol that was unloaded, but did have a magazine inside. Westover believed that a West Virginia permit for the firearm was transferable to D.C. however, it was not.

Police began searching Westover’s vehicle. Inside they found the gun with nine bullets in the magazine, but none in the loading chamber. Police also report they found “Stop the Steal” paperwork that had “a list of Senators and Representatives both U.S. and West Virginia State Senators and Representatives, with contact info.”