The Hur Herald has received reports regarding access problems to the site for several days, nationwide, while other internet content is still available.

It has been a trying time.

It seems that service has been restored to most, affecting several thousand readers

Numerous local residents have experienced problems, many of them having access by satellite.

Service disruptions have also happened for cable customers in addition to usual well-known problems from Frontier wired.

Some cannot get on the Hur Herald for over a week while others are saying service has returned.

The Herald readership has fallen since MLK Day, when we published stories against bigotry and prejudice, then receiving negative emails, threats and warnings that "We're going to take you down," linked to a virus.

Five years ago the Herald was hacked, with unwanted links inserted in thousands of stories, the links related to drugs, quick money and sex.

We're trying to have a very difficult problem fixed.