The pandemic has changed how a lot of things function, but the need for foster care homes has not diminished since its onset in the Mountain State.

There's a great need in the mountain state for folks with open hearts and open homes.

West Virginia nearly tops a grim statistic in the United States:

“We are just in a dire need for foster homes. In the state of West Virginia, there are 7,000 kiddos that are in the system. So per capita, with our state, we’re one of the highest states throughout the United States…We’re in crisis mode, you could say.” - Liz Watson, foster parent recruiter, Necco

This is a troubling problem, only complicated by the emergence of the coronavirus pandemic.

“It may seem to be shut down, things like that. The need for foster care never slows down. It’s always been here, it always will be here.” - Liz Watson, foster parent recruiter, Necco

Liz Watson, a foster parent recruiter with Necco—a foster care placement and adoption organization—says there are many willing and loving families out there who have continued to open their hearts and homes even during the pandemic.

Their Huntington office alone has placed 183 children.