WV KNIFE AND GUN CLUB - Sword, Drugs, Dead Deer Discovered In Traffic Stop

WILD ARREST - Two individuals are facing drug charges after police said they found a sword, multiple types of drugs and a dead deer in a vehicle during a traffic stop in Elkins on Friday.

A criminal complaint filed by the Elkins Police Department stated that while officers were patrolling the area of Pleasant Avenue in Elkins on Friday, they observed a gold Chevrolet Blazer nearly strike another vehicle head-on while making a turn from Harrison Avenue onto Robert E Lee Avenue. The complaint stated that officers then activated their emergency lights and performed a traffic stop on the vehicle.

Officers said they made contact with the vehicle’s driver, Rebecca Chandler, 46, who “appeared to be very jittery and could not sit still.” After requesting Chandler’s information, officers said they observed “a large sword” beside the driver’s seat and then asked her to step out of the vehicle. The complaint stated that officers also smelled a “strong odor of something rotting” coming from the vehicle, which caused them to be concerned.

Upon checking Chandler for weapons, officers said they observed a green tube in her “widely open pocket,” and when they asked her was it was she said “Oh s***, I forgot about that. It’s just weed.” Officers said they removed the tube from her pocket and found it to contain a green leafy substance consistent with marijuana.

Police then made contact with the passenger in the vehicle, Tyler Childers, 27 and detained him before giving him a pat-down, according to the complaint. Police said that during the pat-down they felt a syringe in his chest pocket and found a clear plastic baggie with “green money signs” that contained an identical baggie inside of it, which contained a crystal-like substance consistent with methamphetamine. Officers said they also located two small plastic baggies with a yellow tint and a smiley face imprinted on it that contained more methamphetamine, two more small baggies and a cell phone. Police said they also recovered three cell phones from Chandler’s pocket.

The complaint stated that police then began to search the vehicle and that the “smell of ‘death’ was very strong and appeared to be coming from the rear compartment area of the vehicle where a tarp was.” Officers then felt through the tarp and felt what appeared to be a hoof, according to the complaint. Once the tarp was unfolded, officers found a Whitetail Doe that appeared to have been shot, the complaint stated.

Officers said Chandler and Childers both denied knowing the deer was even in the vehicle. Both individuals were transferred to the Elkins Police Department for processing, and officers said that while there, Chandler could not stay awake. Police said that while she was awake, Chandler stated multiple times that “this was bulls***,” and would yell to Childers stating “I knew this was a bad idea, I told you this was a bad idea.”

Officers said the baggies of methamphetamine found in the vehicle weighed approximately 7 grams, .75 grams and .47 grams.

Chandler has been charged with misdemeanor charges of possession with intent to deliver methamphetamine and conspiracy, while Childers has been charged with felony charges of possession with intent to deliver methamphetamine and conspiracy, according to court documents. Both individuals are being held at Tygart Valley Regional Jail and their bail has each been set at $30,000.