Jeremy Bumgardner of Insight Astronomy presents astron-
omy equipment to park board and community leaders

Broad array of equipment presented for park project

The Calhoun Park board and community leaders met Thursday to discuss local projects to enhance the park's ability to explore the dark sky universe, particularity for children.

The park is among a few locations in the US to view the solar system without light obstruction.

Donnie Pitts of the park board said the use of current limited funds will likely go to purchasing telescopes and equipment for students of the stars.

Jeremy Bumgardner, owner of Insight Astronomy at Bridgeport WV, gave a presentation regarding telescopes and equipment the park could purchase.

Calhoun Superintendent of Schools said this can be a wonderful opportunity for Calhoun children.

The board will be mulling over making a "dark skies" equipment purchase and developing programs.

Pitts continued to thank the public for a very successful Christmas light show, with plans being made to improve the show next Christmas, and said work is continuing to work on a wheelchair lift for the park barn.

The park is continuing to work on the construction of a Main Stage for amphitheater seating.