STATE POLICE-CALHOUN SHERIFFS DEPARTMENT RESPOND TO GRANTSVILLE MANOR - Reports Indicated Man Had Gun, Threatening Woman, Police Scouring Grantsville Area

UPDATE 5:30 PM - Law enforcement stopped a vehicle in Grantsville with a person suspected in an incident at Grantsville Manor, but not confirmed.

It appeared that no one was arrested related to the incident.

ORIGINAL STORY - Police are scouring the Grantsville area looking for a man who was reportedly making threats with a gun, apparently fleeing from Grantsville Manor.

Multiple officers from the West Virginia State Police and the Calhoun Sheriffs Department responded.

A 911 call indicated that a man with a gun was threatening a woman at the housing development at 4:20 p.m. Wednesday.

The incident was not confirmed.

Reports indicated the man was at an apartment and in the parking lot screaming and threatening, with a weapon.

Police were reportedly accessing the video cameras at nearby Calhoun Bank.

Officers went to residences in Grantsville searching for the subject.

More to follow....