The WV State Police and the Calhoun Sheriffs Department arrested two-time Calhoun Commission candidate and Calhoun Middle-High School teacher Craig Arthur, 34, Monday night, charging him with driving under the influence.

A BOLO alert from a neighboring county asked that law enforcement be aware that a black Cadillac was swerving on Rt. 5, on and off the highway, the vehicle headed east on Rt. 5 toward Grantsville.

Calhoun Deputy Sheriff C. J. Myers intercepted Arthur near Big Bend, according to the criminal complaint, smelling alcohol, he conducted a field sobriety test.

State Trooper E. E. Taylor of the Grantsville Detachment arrived on the scene, with Arthur failing three field sobriety tests and a BAC test showing .101% on a intoximeter.

He was arrested by the State Police and appeared before a magistrate, posting bond.

Arthur was recently defeated in a County Commission race opposing Matt Walker. Arthur requested a recount, the recount ended with the same vote count numbers.