LKACF SUPPORTS AREA CHARITIES - Calhoun County Receives Several Grants

The Little Kanawha Area Community Foundation (LKACF) recently announced its fall grants totaling $3,250.

Calhoun County Park - $2,700 for the installation of a wheelchair lift in the park’s two-story community building.

Gilmer County Elementary School - $550 to purchase materials and equipment for the school’s Square Foot Gardening project.

The LKACF is a regional affiliate of the Parkersburg Area Community Foundation (PACF). Through the Foundation’s bi-annual Community Action Grants Program, area nonprofits seek grant assistance to address community needs.

“We received a large number of requests from organizations serving Calhoun, Gilmer, and Wirt counties, the LKACF service area,” said PACF Associate Director for Community Leadership Marian Clowes. “LKACF felt that these two projects were particularly impactful. The installation of the wheelchair lift at the park will enable more residents to be able to participate in programs and events. The school gardening project at Gilmer County Elementary School teaches children about growing their own food and promotes healthy lifestyles.”

The PACF was able to provide additional support for both projects: $7,591 to Calhoun County Park and $1,775 for Gilmer County Elementary School.

PACF awarded additional grants to the following projects that benefit Calhoun, Gilmer, and Wirt counties residents:

Arnoldsburg Elementary Community Sports Complex - $9,000 to support the development of recreation fields for Calhoun County youth.

Arnoldsburg Volunteer Fire Department - $8,700 for HVAC updates and firehouse renovations.

Catholic Charities of West Virginia - $6,000 to support the operation of the Mobile Wellness Works Food Pantry at sites including locations in Calhoun and Wirt counties.

Glenville State College Foundation - $4,000 to support the Smart Classroom Renovation project, designed to add interactive technology in classrooms to improve student achievement.

Normantown Historical Community Center - $10,000 to replace the roof on the building that houses the community clothing closet.

West Virginia Food and Farm Coalition - $15,000 to develop a community canning and manufacturing kitchen in Grantsville.

Wirt County Missional Group - $6,600 to purchase a new freezer, a double-door cooler, and food for the food pantry program.

About the Little Kanawha Area Community Foundation:

Celebrating 20 years of serving the community, the Little Kanawha Area Community Foundation (LKACF) works with charitable individuals to make a positive and permanent commitment for the future of Calhoun, Gilmer, and Wirt counties, West Virginia. LKACF is an affiliate of the Parkersburg Area Community Foundation (PACF). The PACF is a single 501(c)(3) public charity that manages a philanthropic endowment of more than 360 funds each representing a unique giving partnership with an individual, a family, a business, or a civic or nonprofit organization. The PACF works in partnership with local level organizations (affiliates) to provide leadership and develop philanthropic resources to meet the needs of our 11-county service district. Since 2000, the LKACF has helped local citizens support the causes that are most important to them and touch every aspect of life in our communities in a wide variety of significant and lasting ways. For more information about the PACF and its affiliate, LKACF, or to learn more about creating your own charitable fund, visit   or call 304-428-4438.