UPDATE 12/07/2020 - Early Saturday morning Calhoun authorities responded to 911 calls from the Lovada Road area, with reports saying that Danny Burrows had been shot or shot at, the reports saying they heard several gunshots, hearing a subject yell.

A 911 call from Daniel Mark Johnson, 34, advised that officers needed to get there right away, related to an incident with Burrows, according to a criminal complaint.

Calhoun Sheriff Jeff Starcher, Deputy J. Chang, Deputy C. J. Myers and Cpl. Jeff Hunt, arrived on scene shortly after midnight, with Johnson advising that Danny Burrows had attacked him with a machete and he had fired rounds from a firearm "with no intent to harm him."

The complaint says that Johnson said Burrows had pushed his vehicle over the hill, breaking out the glass in his vehicle, according to the complaint.

Officers found four 12 gauge shotgun casings near the area, further discovering a vehicle over the hill with both front side windows and a rear hatchback window broken out.

Officers secured a taped interview with Johnson, where he stated that Burrows had knocked out a vehicle window and attempted to physically assault him with a machete, chasing him.

The complaint indicates that Johnson went and obtained a shotgun and returned to the area where he said Burrows assaulted him, saying that Burrows attempted a second time to attack him with a machete, after which he fired four shots away from Burrows to stop the attack, according to the complaint.

Johnson was arrested for having a firearm by a prohibited person, and later made bond.

Charges have yet to be filed against Burrows.

11 AM 12/12/06 - Calhoun authorities were reportedly searching for Danny Burrows, who allegedly was involved in a gunfire dispute with Daniel Johnson at or near his residence on Lovada Road, with reports of four or five gunshots being fired, an incident not yet confirmed by authorities.

UPDATE 3 AM SUNDAY - Officers were searching the area for a known individual who fled from a gunfire incident that took place earlier this morning at Lovada Road, a short distance from Five Forks (Rt. 16).

ORIGINAL STORY 1 AM SUNDAY - WV State Policeman J. B. Hunt and Calhoun Sheriff Jeff Starcher with two deputies, were dispatched to a residence in the northern section of Calhoun after 911 calls at 12:45 a.m. Sunday reported a dispute between at least two individuals.

The initial calls indicated that a person was being shot at or could be shot, with callers saying they heard multiple gunshots.

At 1:36 a.m. Calhoun Sheriff Starcher was looking for a vehicle, connected to the shooting incident.

Calhoun EMS was put on standby near the incident, and later dispatched to the address, not taking anyone to the hospital.

More to follow...