By Donna Umstead, Co-director - First Baptist Calhoun County Food Pantry

The last week has been my most disappointing since I returned to Grantsville, and with my co-director, Lewis Craddock, agreed to take over the First Baptist Calhoun County Food Pantry.

As most of you know, we work extremely hard to make sure everyone that needs food can receive it from the Food Pantry.

Our volunteers are all high-risk, however, they have all continued to work hard to serve the community during the time Covid has reared its ugly head.

We never turn anyone away, so I was terribly disappointed to find that the pantry has been robbed twice.

Missing is my personal Dell laptop computer, all my personal CD's, the speakers to our stereo, and a number of other items that were special to me.

I need the laptop to order food for the pantry and to write grants that help us to buy food for our county residents.

I hope that whoever took it has a greater need for it than I do. The lack of respect for us and the people of Calhoun County is a very painful thing to handle.

If you have any information about these break-ins, please notify the State Police or Donna Umstead at 520-465-8657.