Parkersburg, WV November 20, 2020 – Wood County had another death due to COVID related illness. This makes the 13th death in Wood County. Pleasant County also had another death as well. This makes the fourth COVID related death in Pleasants County. The Mid-Ohio Valley Health Department extends our condolences to the families that have lost their loved ones.

With the holidays coming, families will want to be together. Family time is very important but please make sure to take precautions to protect those that you love. If you are having symptoms that might normally be dismissed as seasonal, it would be a good idea to be tested before joining family. Wearing a mask while not eating will help to reduce exposure and of course, wash hands frequently and wipe down surfaces.

While traveling, take precautions to wipe down the handle at the gas pump, wash hands after going into a store, and always wear your mask. Small changes can help reduce the anticipated spike in COVID after the holidays.

See numbers for Nov. 20th. below

*Active Probables are not listed in our count as active cases but are individuals that have been exposed to a positive and have symptoms but did not test for COVID. They are investigated as if they are a positive.

Stay safe, wear a mask for you and for
those around you ... It may save a life.