WV KNIFE AND GUN CLUB - Naked Murderer Arrested In Doddridge

NAKED MURDERER - A Salem man is facing a second degree murder charge after he was found, running naked, around the crime scene.

In a criminal complaint written by the Doddridge County Sheriff’s Department, deputies said that on Nov. 12, a woman stated that she had gone to her neighbor’s house to take care of the neighbor’s dog after she was told the neighbor would not be home to take care of the animal that day.

When the woman arrived at the neighbor’s home, she found that “the door was partially open,” and she knocked on it and yelled to see if someone was in the residence, deputies said.

As the woman knocked on the door, it moved enough for her to see Laramie Davis “laying across the chair covered in blood,” and she could “hear him gurgling,” according to the complaint.

Upon entering the residence, the woman found that Davis “had been beat up and blood was everywhere,” including “on the walls and furniture”; the woman also found a club lying on the floor then say Ian Knight, 23, of Salem, “running around the house naked” and “mumbling and said ‘I did it’,” according to the complaint.

When deputies arrived on scene, they found Davis “laying across a chair covered in blood with two women attempting to give him aid,” as well as “a naked male subject laying on the couch which appeared to be sleeping,” whom deputies identified as Knight, deputies said.

Deputies then attempted to detain Knight, and he began to resist, but with the help of additional deputies, Knight was able to be detained, according to the complaint.

After being placed in restraints, deputies asked Knight what had happened, to which Knight replied that “they[he and Davis] were lovers and he wanted to show him[Davis] who the bigger man was,” deputies said.

While performing their investigation of the area, deputies found a baseball bat “covered in blood,” a broken pool cue and a knife, as well as another knife in the kitchen sink which had blood on it; there was also a hatched in a bedroom closet which had “blood and hair” on it, according to the complaint.

On the way to be processed, Knight said to deputies ‘I did it’ and later Knight stated ‘Its sad that I had to stab a guy a thousand times to get to the end,’ deputies said. Knight has been charged with second-degree murder. He is being held in North Central Regional Jail on $250,000 bond.

CAUGHT - A man has been charged with burglary after deputies say the homeowner held him at gunpoint.

According to the Kanawha County Sheriff’s Office, Henry Stuck, 48 of Charleston, was arrested on Monday.

Deputies say a homeowner on Newhouse Drive was notified by his surveillance cameras to motion around his home. The homeowner says he say a man in a hooded shirt snooping around.

The homeowner left work and drove to his house where he said he found that Stuck had broken a locked porch door and was trying to get inside the house.

The sheriff’s office says the homeowner held Stuck at gunpoint and called 911.

Investigators say they found Stuck with gloves, a knife and a pair of pliers on him.