The West Virginia Education Association, citing the record number of coronavirus cases in the state, has called for Gov. Jim Justice to immediately order remote learning for all school systems through the remainder of the year.

“We applaud the governor’s recognition that something must be done to curb the increase in coronavirus cases in the state and we agree with him on shifting to remote learning after Thanksgiving, but we do not believe his actions go far enough,” Dale Lee, president of the WVEA, said Monday in a news release.

Justice is facing public and virtual protests against further closings, many linked to the disruption of sports schedules.

The number of active cases of the virus in the state have now topped 10,000. Deaths are now at 585 with a record 383 hospitalized. The state’s cumulative positive test rate has jumped to 3.27%.

Last week, Justice there will be no in-person classes for students from the Thursday of Thanksgiving week until the following Thursday. Lee said that is a good move, but all in-person classes need to be shut down for 2020.

“Our state is experiencing record numbers of COVID-19 cases. Our school systems are seeing massive closures and quarantines due to exposure and contact tracing. Many systems have not opened for weeks and others are alternating between in-person and remote learning depending on map colors,” he said.

Lee said it is clear the coronavirus is spreading in the state at a very rapid rate, and cases this fall have far outnumbered the cases in the spring. He said experts predict the worst outbreaks are yet to occur.

“We must do something to slow the spread and protect our students, our school employees and their families,” he said.