UPDATE: FRIDAY 13TH CALHOUN DISTURBANCES - Man Shooting Gun On Grantsville Front Porch Arrested

UPDATE 11/14/2020 - State Police arrested Randall Blain Mackey, 60, of River Street, Grantsville, Friday night following an incident.

He was charged with wanton endangerment and is in Central Regional Jail.

2020-11-13 - State Police and the Calhoun Sheriffs Department responded to 129 River Street, Grantsville, about 6:30 p.m. Friday where a man was reportedly firing a gun from a front porch.

Reports indicated that he might have been firing the gun into the Little Kanawha River, officers finding a gun and shell.

Officers summoned Calhoun EMS to the scene.

The man was taken into custody by Calhoun law enforcement.

At the same time, Calhoun 911 received a call regarding a domestic disturbance a few doors down at 117 River Street, and responded to that location. Reports indicated the disturbance as verbal.

A Sang Run resident reported to 911 that UPS had delivered their packages to a neighbor, who had reportedly opened them, allegedly making claim to the merchandise.

Law enforcement was investigating.