Grantsville's sit down and carry-out restaurant Mom's Place Too is having a re-opening. The Main Street eatery has been a community fixture for many years, operated by Lisa Cooper since 2012.

The restaurant had been completely remodeled with new fixtures and flooring, and is offering a wide array menu, with down home cooking.

It has reopened since the state shut down from Covid 19. The hours are 7:00-7:00 Mon. - Sat. Closed Sunday. Phone 304-354-7900.

Lisa Cooper (left) said, "This will be a place when the area residents can return to their 'coffee clutches,' enjoy breakfast, a sandwich, a dessert or a full meal."

She and her late mother, who operated a down home facility in Elizabeth, have been in the restaurant business for well over 25 years.

"This endeavor, for us, is more than just a business that will have good food and good service," she said.

"It will be a place for socializing, where old friends, farmers, families, workers and politicians can talk and figure out day to day problems."

"I look forward to serving our older generation because they have so much to offer," she concluded.

The eatery offers an atmosphere for people who like to visit and enjoy some good food.