L-R: Captain Brandon Carpenter, Asst. Chief Joe Tanner,
Chief Fred Waybright, and USDA State Director Kris Warner

The Trump Administration announced that the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) is investing $451,000 in Community Facilities Loans and Grants to help several local agencies replace their aging vehicles.

A USDA grant was awarded to the Arnoldsburg Volunteer Fire Department Thursday at Arnoldsburg.

The AVFD was awarded a $183,000 Community Facilities Loan, and $86,863 Community Facilities Grant, and a $135,137 Community Facilities Disaster Grant to assist in replacing their 1993 tanker vehicle which is in major disrepair.

This USDA combined total investment will allow the volunteer fire department with their emergency response efforts as they support 3,173 rural West Virginians in Arnoldsburg and the outlying areas.

Monies will be used for a new pumper/tanker that will cost $406,000. The new truck will replace 2 aging trucks. The USDA will loan the remaining balance at a low interest rate of 2.25% for 15 years.

The new truck has been ordered from Finley Fire Equipment of McConnelsville OH, and will be built by Pierce Manufacturing. Delivery is expected in around 9 months.

Projects also receiving grants include:

Roane County Commission – Awarded a $17,600 Community Facilities Grant to purchase a new vehicle for the counties Home Confinement Program. Coupled with an additional investment of $14,400 from other organizations, this $32,000 project will benefit 13,932 rural West Virginians.

City of Spencer – Awarded a $28,500 Community Facilities Economic Impact Initiative Grant to assist in purchasing a new law enforcement patrol vehicle. With an additional $9,500 in funds from other sources, this $38,000 project will benefit the 2,207 citizens in the City of Spencer.