Prosecutors offer new evidence of
Senator Maroney soliciting a second prostitute

MOUNDSVILLE, W.Va. — State Senator Mike Maroney, who was arrested in 2019 for solicitation of prostitution, is facing new allegations of engaging in sexual activity with another prostitute.

Maroney represents Calhoun and and a number of other counties, has been to Calhoun one time in the past four years, supported TransCanada to not pay any taxes to Calhoun related to a compressor station built in the county.

He has missed at least 400 votes in the legislature in past four years.

Maroney, who was charged last year when a prostitution ring was busted by the Glen Dale Police Department, is still awaiting trial. As part of its case, prosecutors now wish to introduce evidence that Maroney and a new prostitute had an encounter at his home on August 5, 2020.

Prosecutors have asserted that this recent encounter is relevant to the underlying charges and will help to show Maroney’s “intent and plan to solicit prostitutes.”

The prosecutor’s motion explains that Brandy Anne Cecil, who was a known prostitute, was pulled over by Glen Dale police after having left Maroney’s home in early August.

Ms. Cecil told officers that she knew Maroney and had been at his residence to engage in prostitution. After obtaining a search warrant for her phone, police found a message from Maroney to Ms. Cecil in which he had said to “bring a toy or two tonight.”

Police found Ms. Cecil to be in possession of two sex toys along with two, crisp $100 bills.

The trial for Maroney had been scheduled to take place on October 19 but was delayed due to a motion filed by his attorney. The trial will be rescheduled once a new prosecutor is appointed to handle the case.

Maroney is running for reelection against Josh Gary of McMechen. The winner will represent the Second Senatorial District for the next four years, an area that includes all or part of nine different counties including Calhoun.