October 7, 2020 - From the very beginning of the COVID 19 pandemic, MHHS committed to a set of protocols we believed would minimize the exposure of our patient population and our staff members. We want to assure the communities we serve that we remain dedicated to those efforts.

To keep with our reputation of transparency regarding our handling of COVID-19 related conditions, the following information is our current status. We currently have two employees in self-quarantine due to a positive COVID-19 exposure within their household, and a single employee has tested positive for COVID-19 and is currently quarantining. All three employees will quarantine per Mid-Ohio Valley Health Department guidelines. MHHS will then retest all employees per our employee health policy after their quarantine is completed before they return to work.

In summary, we have 1 active case of COVID-19 currently within our workforce that is currently quarantining per guidelines and two additional employees that have not tested positive but are quarantining because of a household member’s positive result.

We are confident that the safety protocols that we have in place continue to do their job of keeping our patients/residents, community members and staff members safe. My intent for this communication is that it will help minimize the misinformation that will undoubtedly circulate, while being respectful of our employee’s privacies.

I encourage anyone who has questions to please contact me.

Stephen Whited CEO of Minnie Hamilton Health System