The contentious $1.8 Calhoun Schools deficit has been eliminated.

Calhoun Superintendent Kelli Whytsell said after several years of effort and sacrifice, the deficit is no more.

The unofficial school enrollment for Calhoun is 875, a drop of 62 students from last year's number of 937.

Calhoun has lost about half of school enrollment since 1990-91, when the enrollment was 1,700.

Following vigorous efforts by school officials over many years, the state has declined to give consideration to those counties with small enrollment, the state's school funding is being based on enrollment, placing those counties in financial jeopardy.


Arnoldsburg Elementary 172 (Virtual 66)

Pleasant Hill Elementary 191 (Virtual 66)

Calhoun Middle-High School 524 (Virtual 164)

Whytsell released a statement about eliminating the deficit:

To all citizens of Calhoun County, Next week, the financials for Calhoun County Schools will be published in the paper for the fiscal year ending June 30, 2020. This financial report will show that Calhoun County Schools no longer has a deficit. We are very proud of the work the employees of Calhoun County Schools have accomplished over the last three years.

With the employee's help over the last three years, we had not only reduced the deficit each year but last year, we eliminated the deficit. This was achieved by everyone working together. We achieved something that the state department said would take 20 years in just 3 years.

I am so proud of our accomplishment, everyone worked hard, and this achievement will allow our students to have more opportunities. The sacrifices that the staff made over the last three years and their help are what make this happen so quickly. The cooks started provided suppers for all students, and we conserved on custodial supplies by ordering only twice per year. Classroom teachers didn't get yearly supply money. Every one of our employees helped to make this happen.

This year we were able to restore the classroom supply money, change the lights in the gyms at CMHS, and have increased the custodial supplies to meet the needs of COVID. We will continue to make small improvements to catch up on deferred maintenance. We are down several students and will need to continue to keep a close eye on the budget, but for now, we are out of the DEFICIT. I am so proud of the work Calhoun County School employees have done and will continue to do for our students.

Kelli Whytsell
Superintendent, Calhoun County Schools

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