COLD BLOODED MURDER - Caleb Sidun was arrested for allegedly shooting and killing a man and then starting a fire to get rid of the victim’s remains on Aug. 29.

A man matching 22-year-old Sidun’s description was seen leaving the victim’s vehicle and walking down the same street where the fire was set while carrying a red gas container, officials say. The man matching the same description was later seen on a surveillance video of a gas station purchasing $2 in gas. The victim’s vehicle was then seen leaving and driving toward Sidun’s residence.

According to a witness, Sidun fired off a firearm several times with the last shot hitting the victim in the head and causing his death.

The victims' remains were found in the rubble of the structure fire on the 600 block on Main St. in Jane Lew. The victim was positively identified using dental records by the Office of the Chief Medical Examiner.

A source claims that Sidun smelled of gasoline when he returned to the apartment following the structure fire. The same source also stated that Sidun tossed the firearm and his cell phone off of the Hacker’s Creek Bridge. Both items were discovered in the water of Hacker’s Creek by officers.

According to the victim’s father’s statement, Sidun was the last person to have contact with the victim before his death.

Sidun is from Lost Creek and is charged with first-degree murder. He is currently being held at Central Regional Jail. The investigation is ongoing and further charges are pending.