West Virginia University has suspended 29 students during ongoing investigations into alleged violations to the school’s COVID-19 guidelines.

School officials say over the weekend, social media posts showed large parties at fraternities that are not recognized by WVU.

A release from the University says a member of the Theta Chi fraternity who tested positive for COVID-19, and had been told they needed to isolate, attended a party at the fraternity house on Friday night.

Officials say they had also told everyone living in the fraternity house that they also needed to isolate because of close contacts, but they did not comply with the orders.

The students were told Sunday that they are banned from campus and cannot take any classes, including online.

“Immediate interim suspensions are used when we determine a student presents a safety risk to campus,” Dean of Students Corey Farris said. “We know that these parties act as super spreaders. Their flagrant disregard for the health and safety of their classmates, our campus and the entire Morgantown community will not be tolerated.”

School officials are also investigating parties associated with Alpha Sigma Phi, which is also not recognized by WVU.

“While we are aware that some students have made the wrong decision to attend house parties off-campus, we also know the majority have occurred at unaffiliated fraternity houses,” Farris said. “This should serve as a message to anyone else who thinks the rules don’t apply to them. They do, and we will hold you accountable.”