MINGO SCHOOL SUPERINTEDENT HAS COVID-19 - A School Principal, Five Staff Confirmed

Mingo County's highest-ranking school administrator has COVID-19. So do others in the county school system's central office, and so do several staff members at Mingo Central High School.

Superintendent Don Spence confirmed Thursday that he has the disease.

Mingo Central High interim principal Marcella Charles-Casto has COVID-19, too.

She said five staff members have tested positive there, with one already recovered.

Officials said some of the staff that tested positive have been in close contact with the football team. Mingo has also had an outbreak among children.

The high school's teacher unions have called for sticking with remote-only learning for the first nine weeks of the school year.

A Mason County school will be closed to students until Sept. 17 after two employees tested positive for the coronavirus.