Calhoun County Schools welcomes all students back to school for the 2020-2021 school year. The transportation department has been working hard to ensure the buses are a safe environment for our students by setting up extra cleaning schedules. Every bus will be cleaned and sanitized between runs to help eliminate the spread of germs.

Bus drivers will have hand sanitizer on the bus for all students to clean their hands as they board the bus. All students will have an assigned seat and will be required to wear a mask that covers their nose and mouth while riding the bus. Any student that does not have a mask will be given a disposable mask prior to being allowed to board. Please take some time to talk with your students about wearing their mask and help them learn how to put it on properly.

Please take a few moments to review the bus routes and times below as there have been some changes to some of the routes. The times listed are approximate times and we recommend that students be at their bus stop at least 10 minutes prior to the listed time and be prepared to wait up to 10 minutes after the pick up time. Please be aware that all times are subject to change due to changing ridership numbers or adjustments to routes to accommodate needs. Please contact Michael Fitzwater, Transportation Director at 304-354-7011 ext 315 with any questions or concerns.


Bus Route 1 – Driver Chris Lacy (Bus #3) A.M. Run: 6:15 Big Root; 6:17 Yellow Creek (Start Rt. 16 Side New Testament Baptist Church); 6:48 Backfork (Turning just past Hildreth Well Service); 6:53 Route 16 South; 6:57 Klipstine; 7:09 Nobe; turn at Nobe/Fingerboard 7:13; 7:19 S. Calhoun Hwy; 7:27 Pleasant Hill School; 7:33 Court House; 7:55 Calhoun M/H School PM Run: reverse of A.M. Run.

Bus Route 2 – Driver Marshall Bever (Bus #4) A.M. Run: 6:40 Buffalo Rock, Hog Knob 6:43, Food Pantry 6:45, Old Pro Hardware 6:48, Lovada (Broomstick) Road 6:55; 7:00- 7:20 N. Calhoun Highway; 7:27-7:34 White Pine Road; N Route 16: 7:37, 7:38 Pleasant Hill School; Route 16 South 7:39- 8am Calhoun/Middle High School. PM Run: reverse of A.M. Run.

Bus Route 3 – Joe Taylor (Bus #23) A.M. Run: 7:05 Oka Road (Horse ring), Rt. 16 N 7:08 Sears Run, 7:11 Minnora School; 7:15 Wolf Run, Rt.16 N 7:22 Brannon Straight, R16 N, AES 7:30; 7:45 CMHS PM Run: reverse of A.M. Run

Bus Route 4 – Driver Tim Able (Bus #30) A.M. Run: 6:05 start PHE; 6:28 Leading Creek; 6:31 turn at Phillips Residence; 6:33 turn at Coal Fork Road; 6:44 turn at Fred Jones residence; 6:53 Coal Fork Road; 6:59 Milliron Residence; 7:02 N. Calhoun Hwy (turn at top of the hill); 7:03 Old Store; 7:06 Bowser Road; 7:08 Williams Road; 7:09 Retriever Lane; 7:14 Klipstine Road; 7:22 Vaughn Road/Bramblewood (turn) 7:30 PHE; 7:50 CMHS. P.M. Run: Reverse for A.M. Run.

Bus Route 5 – Driver Greg Hawkins (Bus #10) A.M. Run: 6:30 Turn @ bottom of hill at the head of Walnut Rd., (Morton First Pick Up), 6:45 Route 16 N, 6:55 Straight stretch Rush Run (on North Calhoun Highway), 7:00 Enter Crummies Creek Rd.; 7:10 Turn at Mouth of Bear Fork (Sully’s Run Rd.), 7:20 Stewart Residence; 7:30 Arnoldsburg Elementary, 7:45 Calhoun Middle/High School. PM Run: reverse of A.M. Run

Bus Route 6 - Driver Rick Metheney (Bus #7) A.M. Run: 6:46 US 33/119 East; 6:51 Sand Ridge (turn), 6:58 turn on Sycamore Road,7:09 County Park; 7:14 Mt. Zion Church turn to go in Mount Zion Rd (Pine Creek), 7:24 Fork of Pine Creek (turn) 7:30 Calhoun Middle/High School; 7:33 – S. Calhoun Hwy to AES, 7:41 Arnoldsburg Post Office; 7:45 Arrive at Arnoldsburg School. PM Run: reverse of A.M. Run.

Bus Route 7 – Driver Terri Allen (Bus #26) A.M. Run: 6:20 Upper Nicut Road (Turn); 6:28 Little Walnut Hill Rd; 6:28am Willow Creek; 6:45 Mt. Run Rd(turn); 6:54 Frozen; 6:59 Lower Nicut; 7:02 Enter Bear Run, 7:08 Turn at Bear Run Community Park, 7:16 Crooked Run, 7:18 S. Calhoun Highway, 7:30 Arnoldsburg Elementary, 7:45 Calhoun Middle/High School. PM Run: reverse of A.M. Run.

Bus Route 8 – Driver Barb Norman (Bus #9) A.M. Run: 6:25am Route 16S turn into Barnes Run Road; 6:50am Hughes Fork (turn); 7:05am Top Hur Hill (turn right and come out of Dennis Fork); 7:21am Route 16 South; 7:27am Calhoun Homes; 7:30am Calhoun Middle High School; 7:33 Rt 16 N Hall Residence; 7:36am Mt Zion PSD; 7:37am Calhoun Auto Care; 7:58am Pleasant Hill School PM Run: reverse of A.M. Run Does not transport MS/HS students to Grantsville in the evenings.

Bus Route 9 - driver Barry Miller (Bus #29) A.M. Run; 6:25 Annamoriah Rd. (turn) 6:35 Creston; 6:40 Annamoriah Bridge/Lemuels Run; 6:48 Munday Rd; 7:20 Turn into Leaf Bank Rd.; 7:25 Minnie Hamilton; 7:27am Grantsville Manor/Calhoun Bank; 7:30 Pleasant Hill School; 7:50 CMHS PM Run: reverse of A.M. Run.

Bus Route 10 - Driver Tricia Harris (Bus #20) A.M. Run: 6:41 Milo Road Reip Residence; 6:42 Mary’s Fork; 6:45 Beech Rd to Sam’s run; 7:03 Road Run; 7:14 Rt 33E at Liberty Hill; 7:20 Old Arnoldsburg School, 7:25 Arnoldsburg Elementary; 7:45 CMHS. PM Run: Reverse of AM run

Bus Route 11 - Driver Tom Lewis (Bus #02) A.M. Run: 6:25 Route 7 Left Fork Road; 6:38 Sassafras Ridge; 6:49 Rush Run; 7:03 Route 33/119E Sampson Residence; 7:06 Turn onto Route 7 at Stumptown; 7:10 Wolf Run Road; 7:14 Sassafras Grantsville End; 7:25 Old BFG Building; 7:30 Wayne Underwood Field/Foodland students; 7:35 PHE (drop off Elementary Students), 7:53 CM/HS. P.M. Run: reverse of A.M run.

Bus Route 12 – Driver Jeff Brannon (Bus #21) A.M. Run 6:40 Intersection of Milo/Beech, 6:42 Blowing Timber Rd.; 6:56 Beech/Oka Rd. Intersection; 7:03 Old Miller Hollow Road 7:09 Little White Oak; 7:11 Turn at Low Water Bridge on Little White Oak; 7:15 Allen Residence (Intersection Little White Oak/Oka Road), 7:40 Arnoldsburg Elementary, 7:55 Calhoun Middle/High School. P.M. Run: Same as morning route

Bus Route 13 – Driver Kenneth McCumbers (Bus #15) A.M. Run: 6:45 Turning at mouth of Jesse’s Run Road 6:46-7:09 Altizer Road out to 33/119; 7:15 Beginning of Henry’s Fork (only turning); 7:16 – 7:30 - 33/119 to AES. 7:30 Arnoldsburg School. 7:35 – 7:50 Arnoldsburg to Millstone to CCMHS. 7:50 Calhoun Middle/High School. P.M. Run: Reversal of morning route CCMHS to Arnoldsburg Elementary, then to Henrys Fork, then to Altizer Road, then to Barnes Run.

Bus Route 14 – Driver DeWayne O’neal (Bus #12) A.M. Run: 6:25 Walker Road (First Pick Up); 6:27 Douglas Road (on Walker); 6:30 Walker Church; 6:34 Mouth of Walker and S. Calhoun Highway; 6:37 Stinson Road (Rogers Residence); 6:43 Camp Run Road (on Stinson); 6:45 Mudfork Church; 6:50 Stinson Grocery; 6:50 – 6:55 S. Calhoun Highway; 6:55 Tabernacle Church (turn); 6:56-7:25 Route 16 N; 7:25 Arnoldsburg School; 7:45 Calhoun M/H School. PM Run: reverse of A.M. Run.