HOLD-UP - A man has been charged after allegedly robbing a man at gunpoint and taking his car in Farmington.

On Sept. 2, deputies with the Marion County Sheriff’s Department were on a routine patrol in the area of Waitman Wiley Road in Farmington when “a distraught victim” waved them down, according to a criminal complaint.

When officers spoke with the victim, he told them that Thomas Wilson, 27, of Farmington, “robbed him at gunpoint” with a “black short barrel, pump style shotgun, with a pistol grip,” officers said.

The victim then told officers that Wilson “pointed the shotgun at his head, which made him fear for his life,” and Wilson stole his money, which amounted to $250, according to the complaint.

Wilson then told the victim to exit his vehicle, which deputies later observed as a red Ford Explorer and initiated a traffic stop on the vehicle and were able to identify the driver as Wilson; also, in plain view, deputies were able to observe a black pump action shotgun with a pistol grip, deputies said.

On the driver’s seat, “Wilson did have a sum of cash” … “which he stated was $250.00,” according to the complaint.

Wilson has been charged with first-degree armed robbery. He is being held in North Central Regional Jail on $500,012 bond.

TWO MURDERED IN HUNTINGTON - Huntington Police have released the names of two people who died in a shooting early Thursday morning.

Audra J. Perry, 28, of Huntington, was pronounced dead at the scene and Marcus D. Graham, 29, of Michigan, died at the hospital, according to a news release from police.

The shooting happened about 2 a.m. Thursday near the intersection of 10th Avenue and 20th Street. Police said they arrived at the scene and found the two victims.

Police interviewed witnesses and continue to investigate. Officials are investigating other potentially illegal activities at the address.