WalletHub conducted quarterly data research on credit card debt rankings for every state in the United States of America. The data analyzed was from the second quarter (April, May, June), right in the middle of the pandemic.

Analysts had a good idea of why this quarter’s debt is so much higher than previous years collected, but they wanted the data to back it up.

West Virginia rank is 4th lowest with credit card debt.

“In West Virginia, we see that the incomes are a little bit lower than the national average, but the spending is lower as well, as opposed to a California or a New York resident,” said WalletHub analyst Jill Gonzalez. “When we’re looking at everything from real estate, to everyday cost of living things tend to be on the less expensive side there, so I think this was to be expected in a place like West Virginia.”

The only states ranked above the mountain state with the lowest credit card debt are Wyoming, Mississippi, and Alabama. The data showed that the average debt for a West Virginian is about $2,200. The average income is about $40,000.

Based on the average income and debt, the pay off would take an average of 11 months.