The Calhoun County Sheriff's Department has recently acquired "new" cruisers. Sheriff Jeff Starcher said that he and Chief Deputy Jason Chang purchased a 2013 Ford Police Inceptor Sedan for $1,000 from Wirt County.

Sheriff Starcher also recently acquired a 2014 Ford Explorer Police Inceptor from the Town of Clendenin. The Ford Explorer was purchased by the Calhoun County Commission for the Calhoun Sheriff's Department from the Town of Clendenin for $5,000.

Sheriff Starcher stated that both of the new cruisers have low mileage, and are among the nicest, and most reliable cruisers that Calhoun County has had in times past.

The Ford Explorer was originally white but was painted by Ford's Auto Body for the Calhoun Sheriff's Department in accordance with the West Virginia Sheriff's Bureau of Professional Standards.

Sheriff Starcher said, "My administration is committed to continuously improving and upgrading the vehicle fleet and equipment of the Calhoun County Sheriff's Department, to better serve the citizens of Calhoun County."