LORD HAVE MERCY ON US ALL - 218 Calhoun Students Will Attend Virtual School, Re-Opening Plans In Flux

By Bob Weaver

Lord have mercy on us all, as we do battle with the coronavirus.

The challenges on the plate of administrators and officials are difficult.

Superintendent of Schools Kelli Whytsell says, "Right now we have about 218 students that have requested the virtual internet option for this year," with schools set to open on Sept. 8.

Whytsell re-iterated the plan for mask wearing for Calhoun Schools:

Bus drivers will have a mask to give to students on the first day of school. These will be disposable masks. Calhoun County Schools will provide up to 4 face masks for each student to wear.

The recommendation of the committee is that Face Masks be required to be worn during all times that social distancing cannot be maintained (i.e., during class changes, on the bus, and in the lunchroom while waiting to eat). If a parent so chooses, a Face Shield may be worn by students instead of a face mask.

It is the responsibility of the parent to provide the Face Shield. Students can wear their own face mask as long as it is school appropriate. Calhoun County Schools will provide instructions to students about the times a face mask/shield will be required.

Administrators, Teachers, and all employees will wear a mask during times that social distancing can’t be maintained. Teachers will stress and teach the importance of wearing a mask.

Students with special health conditions will have accommodation for mask-wearing that may include a face shield or other face-covering as allowed by the student’s doctor.

With multiple changes this week regarding schools opening, including amending the color-coded system twice, Calhoun's plan could be revised.

There are two news stories about the state's latest changes on the Hur Herald.