KIDNAPPING BY KNIFE - A man is in custody after allegedly forcing a woman to drive him around Preston County while holding her at knifepoint.

On Aug. 19, deputies with the Preston County Sheriff’s Department responded to a domestic incident on W.Va. Rt. 26 north of Tunnelton after the victim of the incident called deputies and hid a phone by her leg, according to a criminal complaint.

During the call, deputies could hear the victim “screaming and crying,” and the victim was able to get information to deputies so they could locate the vehicle she was inside of, deputies said.

When deputiess spoke to the victim, she told them that Delbert Wagner, 24, of Kingwood, had come to the BFS in Kingwood and “got into her vehicle and would not get out”; Wagner then “told her where to drive and had pulled out a pocket knife,” according to the complaint.

Wagner then told the victim that “he would kill her if she didn’t drive,” at which point the victim drove to Atlantic Road in Tunnelton, at which point the knife Wagner held to her side “had been thrown from the vehicle,” deputies said; deputies later located the knife on Atlantic Road near the water treatment plant.

At that time, the victim “stopped and got out of the vehicle,” and flagged a car down in order to call 911; after that, Wagner “put one arm around her throat and the other around her body,” and forced her back into her car and “made her drive away,” according to the complaint.

When the victim turned onto Ken Snyder Road, Wagner “acted like he was going to jump out of the window,” at which point the victim was able to call deputies; Wagner then exited the vehicle once the victim pulled into a driveway and the victim locked him out of her vehicle, deputies said.

Wagner has been charged with kidnapping. He is being held in North Central Regional Jail.