Magistrate Court cases are listed by Defendant Name. Case year (00) M-Misdemeanor F-Felony. Issuing Agency. Offense. Magistrate [RP] Richard G. Postalwait, [LD] Lora N. Davis. Disposition of Case.

CSD - Calhoun County Sheriff's Department
CCP - Calhoun County Prosecutor
MPD - Grantsville Municipal Police Department
DPS - WV Department of Public Safety - State Police
DNR - WV Dept. of Natural Resources Police Officer
DOH - WV Department of Highways
PSC - WV Public Service Commission
DOF - WV Department of Forestry
BOE - Calhoun County Board of Education

Magistrate Court Case Disposition Reports do not include, jail sentences, fines and/or court costs that may be imposed.

July 2020 Felonies

Jesse B. Roberts - 2020. CSD. Receiving or transferring stolen goods. [RP] Dismissed.

Lawrence Shane Jefferies - 2020. CSD. False evidence forgery, etc. of title and registration. [RP] Dismissed - Plea agreement.

July 2020 Misdemeanors

Misty Nicole Richards - 2018. CSD. Possession of Marijuana <15 grams. [LD] Dismissed- Deferred Sentence.

Bryer Lee Metheney - 2019. DPS. Interference with Officers, False Information; Loaded Firearm on Vehicle. [LD] Dismissed.

John Franklin Cash - 2019. CSD. Defective Equipment; Driving Suspended. [LD] Guilty-Plea Agreement.

Dorian Ray Angle - 2019. CSD. Simple Possession, Marijuana. [RP] Dismissed- Deferred Sentence.

Daniel Lewis Slider - 2019. CSD. DUI 1st. Offense. [RP] Guilty Plea.

Chasity Bell aka. Shock - 2019. DPS. Keeping vicious dogs. [RP] No Contest per Plea Agreement.

Lalita Shay Jarvis-Nelson - 2020. DPS. Driving while License suspended or revoked-general; Defective Equipment; No Insurance. [RP] No Contest per Plea-Agreement.

Lalita Shay Jarvis-Nelson - 2020. DPS. Failure to Appear. [RP] Dismissed -Plea Agreement.

Jonathan Delane Carty - 2020. CSD. Failure to drive right of center; Speeding. [LD] Dismissed.

Jonathan Delane Carty - 2020. CSD. No Insurance; Registration Violation.. [LD] Guilty-Plea Agreement.

Roscoe Dean Summers - 2020. DNR. Open Dumps. [LD] No Contest Plea.

Brandy Jo Carpenter - 2020. DPS. Assault. [LD] Dismissed-Plea Agreement.

Brandy Jo Carpenter - 2020. DPS. Battery. [LD] No Contest per Plea Agreement.

Devon Samuel Duncan - 2020. CSD. No Insurance; Driving while license suspended/revoked-general; Registration Violation; No immediate reports of accidents. [RP] No contest plea.

Larry Dana Harold, II - 2020. DPS. Public Intoxication. [LD] No contest plea.

Elijah Zane Melrath - 2020. CSD. No proof of Insurance. [RP] No contest plea.

Daniel L. Hall, Jr. - 2020. CSD. MVI Violation. [LD] Dismissed.

David Allen Rhodes - 2020. CSD. Speed Violation. [LD] Dismissed.

Cali Breann Hayes - 2020. CSD. Speeding. [RP] Dismissed.

Levi Travis Harris - 2020. DPS. Driving while license suspended/revoked general; No Insurance. [LD] No contest plea.

David Thomas Black - 2020. Driving too fast for conditions; No proof of Insurance. [RP] No contest plea.

Lawrence Shane Jefferies - 2020. CCP. Knowingly or intentionally possessing controlled substance without valid prescription; Expired MVI; Driving suspended 1st offense. [RP] Guilty Plea.

Steven Haugeto - 2020. CSD. Driving while license suspended/revoked general. [LD] Guilty Plea-Agreement.

Rose Marie Jarvis - 2020. CSD. MVI Violation; Driving while license suspended/revoked general; Registration Violation; No Insurance. [RP] Guilty Plea.

James Ray Bell - 2020. CSD. ATV on Road with Center Line; No Operators; Acts prohibited by operator. [LD] No contest plea.