Minnie Hamilton CEO Steve Whited makes public his encounter with the Coronavirus, during a week where there have been WV outbreaks among police officers, EMTs, medics, health workers and courthouse employees:

I wanted to provide an update on the current status of the two positive test results for the coronavirus within my immediate family that I first reported on 07/04/2020.

Following the guidelines communicated to us by the MOV Health Department, the two individuals that originally tested positive for the virus has since been released from quarantine and were fortunate not to experience any symptoms during the 14 day period.

As part of the Minnie Hamilton Health System Return to Work policy, I began the process of being re-tested this past Monday to verify I had not contracted the virus during the 14 day period.

This was the first step of a two-step process we require for our employees when returning from a required quarantine. Both test would need to return negative results before a return to work is granted.

Unfortunately, my initial screening test on Monday resulted in a positive screen. As a result the necessary communications have been made with the MOV Health department.

My quarantine is still in effect and I will continue to adhere to it until that time I receive two consecutive negative results from future screenings. I am currently experiencing no symptoms, and will continue to practice all necessary precautions as communicated to me by the MOV Health Department.

Although not required, I choose to communicate these developments in my experience with the coronavirus as a tool to help inform the patients of Minnie Hamilton Health System to better understand the processes and guidelines that we adhered to ensuring your safety and ours.