MOVHD COVID-19 REPORT - Confirms Calhoun Has Two New Positive Cases

The Mid-Ohio Valley Health Department continue to see the number of positive COVID-19 cases climb.

After weeks with no new cases, Calhoun County added two new cases bringing the total positive cases to four.

Wood County, since Sunday, has added 26 new positive cases.

Pleasants County added a new positive case today as well bringing the total to four cases. Currently the numbers are as follows:

County - Positive Cases - Released - Death

Calhoun 4 1 0

Pleasants 4 2 0

Ritchie 2 1 0

Roane 11 8 1**

Wirt 4 4 0

Wood 161 61 2

** Listed as a COVID death but died from lung cancer after recovering from COVID-19.

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