CEO WHITED MINNIE HAMILTON HEALTH CARE STATEMENT Earlier this week, my immediate family attended the wedding of our eldest daughter in a small private ceremony. Days after the ceremony, a male in the wedding that also serves in the National Guard was screened for the COVID-19 virus as part of their routine screenings.

His results returned positive for the virus. Upon being informed of this myself and my family were also tested. The results of those tests indicated two additional positives. All of those that have tested positive our currently asymptomatic and have no health concerns.

We will continue to self-quarantine per the health departments guidelines and do not expect to have any additional exposures.

Again, I am writing this for the sake of transparency and to minimize the rumors, while trying to be respectful of others privacy.

I appreciate the help and support of Minnie Hamilton Health System staff that helped with the testing, and look forward to returning to work after all safety precautions have been met.