Congratulations to Calhoun High Class of 2020 graduate, Angela Valentine, on becoming a published poet. Angela’s poem, You Made It, was selected to be published in the 2020 Rising Stars Collection by Appelley Publishers.

You Made It
by Angela Valentine

Life has been a long road that I have not walked too well
Plenty of hills that I have climbed, and oceans I have swam
With the hopes I can find the mountain to the promise land
Just to be knocked back down and drowned in the salty water
All of that work for nothing
Blood, sweat, and tears

That's what you need to put in to get to where you want to go, right?
Those things did not matter the day that I lost you
Every road I have walked, step by step, crumbled beneath my feet
Blood, sweat, and tears is what I was putting in to keep you here with me
I felt heartache like no other

Feeling every beat of my heart slow down and speed up with yours
My heart still hasn't healed
Now that you are no longer here to help me glue the pieces back together
I prayed and I begged for you to stay with me
God took you anyways, Ile had His own plans for you
He said you have walked your journey long enough
I guess you climbed your mountain clear to the top