JAMES HAUGHT: Pullin' Teeth, Tellin' Time

By James Haught

Jim Haught was born a mile up Spring Run from Anoldsburg at the Hoskins home and has always considered Arnoldsburg his hometown. Here is a story he heard about a couple people who lived in Arnoldsburg.

Ed and "Tip" Hall ran the Post Office in Arnoldsburg, Ed not only was post master he pulled teeth. In fact he pulled his own teeth.

He would stand in front of the fire place in front of a mirror. He would put his chin on the mantle, open his mouth and with teeth extraction tools pull his tooth.

Uncle Harley Downs who lived next to Lousia Chapel was back on Cabin Ridge visiting his parents. As he came off the hill he came upon "Tip" Hall, Ed's wife, who was milking a cow.

Uncle Harley didn't have his watch and he was concerned he might be late for supper. "Tip, do you know what time it is." "Tip do you know what time it is?" Tip put her hand under the cow's udder, lifting it slightly.

"Harley, it is 15 minutes until five."

With a surprised look on his face, he responded saying, said. "Tip can you tell the time by lifting that cow's udder?"

"Sure," she replied. "If you get it high enough to see the clock in the IGA Store."