NEW CHS 2020 GRADUATION PLANS BEING MADE - Drive-Thru Graduation June 26

Calhoun High's graduation ceremony is set June 26th at 7:00 p.m. at Calhoun Middle/High School.

Last Friday, administrators from Calhoun Middle/High School and the Board Office, Senior Class Advisors, Senior Class Officers, and the School Nurse met to discuss what the State of West Virginia’s new guidelines mean to Calhoun High's 2020 graduation ceremony.

A earlier press release said that an outdoor graduation ceremony on the football field was being planned.

"However, we are required to maintain social distancing, and put in place is a temperature check protocol, and ensuring that everyone wears a mask," said the planning committee.

"On the surface those things did not sound impossible. After members of the planning group walked the field and did the math, this would have reduced the number of guests per graduate to six, but they must be from the same household."

That would mean that anyone not living in the same house as the graduate would be unable to attend because there would only be space for one area per student.

School officials said these are not our rules but those from the state.

"We are not free to hold graduation as we would like,  plans must still be approved through the health department. The health and safety of everyone is the priority in planning large gatherings," planners said.

"Since the concerns that many people shared with members of the planning committee was the ability to have more guests present, the drive-thru graduation that has been planned is the answer that we have at this time. This option allows for two carloads of guests per student."

"We know this is not the graduation that anyone expected or that anyone dreamed of, but it will be the best one that it is within our ability to make it," concluded the Graduation Planning Committee.