Judge Anita Harold Ashley held Circuit Court in Calhoun County on June 11.

According to Prosecutor Shannon Johnson, Eugene Bowe, Laszlo Nemth, Leila Hardway, Jeffery Mollohan, Dennis Keener, Larry Harold, Dylan Wagoner, Roxie Troup, Kimberly Duskey, Phillip Keener, and Robert Hupp all appeared for Pre-Trial Hearings. Their cases are all set for July 28, 2020 for trial.

Gary Nicholson, Brian Hardman, Carrie Ball, and April Ball all appeared for a Pre-Trial Hearing, according to Johnson. The trial set I this case that was set for July 28, 2020 was moved to October 6, 2020 upon motion of the Defendants.

Shirley Rush appeared on his motion to remove home confinement as a condition of his bond. The Court denied the motion.

The Court also heard fifteen juvenile cases.

The hearing set on the State’s Motion for a Second Technical Violation of Probation on Trudi Dowler was continued to June 12, 2020. At the hearing, Ms. Dowler admitted that she had violated her probation, and the Court sentenced her to ninety (90) days in jail. She was given credit for twenty five (25) days of time that she has served on the violation.