Extracted from old county newspapers, circa 1930-40's:

Several folks from Hur attended the baptizing at Bell's Run, Sunday.

The Pine Creek casing gang was called to Big Run Thursday to the well on the Sawyer's farm to run a string of casing.

Ray Roach of Rocksdale was calling on Miss Thelma McCoy of Hur, Sunday.

Corn and potatoes are looking good in this community.

Mr. and Mrs. W. J. Sturm, owner of the People's Store at Hur, were visiting Paul Slider of Mt. Zion last Sunday.

T. H. Slider is putting up hay for W. J. Sturm this week. Hay crops are good this season.

Eddie Kirby was in Hur this week having some black smithing done at Charley Starcher's shop. He is contemplating on drilling a well on the O. J. Hughes place on Rowel's Run.

A bunch of people had a falling out over some hay last week and two of them got into a fight at the low gap at Hur. One got a bloody nose and the other took over the hill.

Misses Thelma and Geraldine Stevens of Pine Creek were calling on Scottie McCoy of Hur, Friday.

Mr. and Mrs. Freddie McCoy and son, Arden of Grantsville, were calling on the former's mother, Ida McCoy of Hur.

There is a lot of hauling on Pine Creek road now and they sure have the mud stirred up good.

Mr. Harold Huffman was united in marriage to Miss Velma Riggs of Hur on June 8, 1930. They took a short wedding trip in the groom's car. Miss Riggs is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. J. S. Riggs of Hur. Mr. Huffman is the prominent son of Mr. and Mrs. Oke Huffman of Grantsville.

The series of revival meetings at Hur, which have been in progress for three weeks, came to a close Sunday night. There were many conversions and renewals. Many people from Pine Creek attended and they sure had an old time revival at that place.

Mr. and Mrs. Grant Adams were visiting Everly Husk last week.

Mrs. Ivy Gainer of Pine Creek has been real sick with the flu. We hope her a speedy recovery.

Rev. C. Dorsey Miller is putting up hay for James Roberts.

Miss Mary Wells spent Saturday night at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Sydney Stevens.

Howard Sampson of Rowels Run and Howard and Geraldine McCoy of Pine Creek motored to Parkersburg to shop on Tuesday.

Our hilltop meeting at St. Paul Saturday night was a meeting to be long remembered. There was a large crowd and lots of people were singing and shouting God's praises.

Misses Nellie and Eulah Husk were shopping in Hur Saturday and having grist done.

Mr. and Mrs. Grover Starcher were shopping in Grantsville for feed.

Harley McCoy, who is attending the university in Morgantown, spent time with his home folks last weekend.

Stalman's cow got stuck in a mud hole on Pine Creek and had to be pulled out with ropes by the neighbors. - Norma Knotts Shaffer