(L-R) Aubrey Laughlin Fourth Grade, Essentional Worker;
Ethan & Elana Harris, Fourth & Kindergarten Signs of Spring;
Haley & Kaley Nicholas Second Grade, Fun at Home with Pets

Arnoldsburg Elementary School has participated in Distance Learning Engagement activities since March 13 through May 22nd, 2020, due to the COVID19 pandemic. Teachers created engagement activities for all core classes, including Music and Physical Education. Teachers used many means of communication to talk with students and help them enhance their education from home. At times, this was hard due to time and Internet issues, but we muddled through. The following highlights the classes and activities the students participated in.

Submitted by Tammey Webb, STC Program Coordinator/Interventionist.

Mrs. Jarvis & Mrs. Moore, Preschool - Preschool has been using Facebook messenger to keep in contact with the students and daily activities were provided to the students using Google Classrooms. We had them go on nature hunts, read books, practice writing, keep a plant journal, and draw pictures of their friends that they missed.

Mr. McCumbers, Kindergarten - During the COVID-19 pandemic, my kindergarten class lost out on a lot of hands-on classroom learning experiences and engagement activities that young children really depend on. They were also cut short of their very first year of an actual school setting which includes a lot of social building skills. During all this time, my classroom children were still able to learn through active engagement activities through an online and self-pace learning. My students were able to use education platforms like Facebook messenger, TEAMS, ZOOM, and Skype. We tried to make the best of what we had handed to us, on short notice.

We were able to communicate weekly and on a daily basis, when needed. I was also able to mail letters that included seeds for planting. My students were able to use their imagination and create a greenhouse at home planting crops from seeds: corn, green beans, squash, etc. My students were also able to create 3-D shapes using found objects from home and identify what was needed to master kindergarten standards.

We counted and used videos to help with this as well. My students were also able to practice virtual reading and sight word skills using video chat programs. A note from your teacher, “I will miss each and every one of you and you will always hold a special place in my heart.” My “classroom picture wall” will never be the same, as I will always have an empty frame to mark the COVID-19 year.

Shelly Mace, Title 1 Computer Interventionist - I posted notices and encouragement for students to get their required 45 minutes each week for i-Ready Math on the AES FB page each week. Each post included the i-Ready website and my email address in case parents needed help with usernames or passwords. I was also available for questions about lessons and assignments.

Mrs. Benson, Title I - During this trying time, I have been doing a lot of work behind the scenes. I have been helping teachers with paperwork and activities. When I can, I attend classroom Zoom meetings so I can also see the students as I miss them. I have written letters to all the students K-4 and received some return letters. I feel that this was one way I could keep in touch with the students. As a help to teachers, I also created engagement activities that were placed in one-drive folders for teachers to utilize. I definitely have learned that staying home all the time is not something I’m cut out for and can’t wait to get back to school and see the students once again. Stay safe and see you in August!

Halle Lawson, Fourth Grade Planting; Harlow &
Oliva Sarratori First Grade & Third Grade Cooking
at Home; Karson Propst 1st Grade Math Activity

Miss Stoops’ First Grade - ELA, Writing & Social Studies - During this challenging time, our students have been working so hard! They have been reading, completing scavenger hunts, and learning the importance of essential workers in our communities. They also created their own stores to provide goods and services. After completing some of the engagement activities, students utilized Sqiggle Park. This is a website/app the students could use to help build their reading skills.

The students chose a character and worked through skills, such as blending sounds and comprehension. I also created an online classroom using Google Classroom for parents and students. The whole class participated in ZOOM meetings and individual meetings on a needed basis. Their parents have been wonderful in communicating with us, and they have been so great in helping with the engagement activities. I’m so proud of everyone’s hard work and dedication.

Mrs. Beall’s First Grade - Math & Science - While this pandemic may have sent us home, our 1st graders have still been hard at work. It is very important for students to keep learning, so I created an online classroom using Google Classroom for parents and students. I would post daily lesson activities for certain topics and subjects. The whole class participated in ZOOM meetings and individual meetings on a needed basis. I also provided individual assistance online, when needed for students.

Some of the math activities involved using a deck of cards. Parents would often post pictures of their child having fun with an activity. The kids also had fun learning science through hands on experiences. I enjoyed calling and talking to the parents/students on a weekly basis. I am sorry that our time was cut short, but I hope all my students have a wonderful summer!!

Miss Allen Second Grade - ELA, Writing & Social Studies - During this time of distance learning, Miss Allen’s second grade has been working on a variety of engagement activities such as scavenger hunts, reading at home, creative writing exercises, teacher-made online games, learning about WV history, and caring for and utilizing our natural resources. We also took part in virtual spirit weeks which included, creating Easter hats, field day activities, Earth Day, and last week of school virtual spirit activities. ZOOM meetings, Google Classroom, Remind, and a class Messenger group was set up to post assignments. Calls were made to parents/students each week to check-in on students and give instruction. Video conferencing was also utilized for students to learn from home.

Mrs. Summers' Second Grade - Math & Science - During my time with students we reviewed place value, learning about measurement by measuring items around our homes, practiced skip counting, utilized online resources to practice fact fluency, and learned about time and money. We also had virtual field trip opportunities such as, Yellowstone National Park, various types of farms, the Great Wall of China, and some museums. The second grade also took part in ZOOM meetings, Google Classroom and Remind, and a class Messenger group was set up to post assignments. I called each week to parents/students to check-in on students and give instruction. Video conferences with students were also conducted to enhance instruction.

Lilian McCumbers 1st Grade Science Experiment;
Luke Strange-Paylor Second Grade, Essential
Worker; Mason Sampson Kindergarten, Reading Day

Mrs. Jarvis, Third Grade - ELA, Writing & Social Studies - During this pandemic, third grade has been busy reading and writing in cursive. Mrs. Jarvis’s class has also been on a journey with Flat Mrs. Jarvis which was an extension activity after reading Flat Stanley and discussing places they would go if they were flat and how their lives would change. Students have also been keeping a daily journal of their life during this pandemic so that in years to come they will be able to look back and remember exactly what happened to them during the COVID19 pandemic.

Mrs. Hartshorn, Third Grade - Math & Science - Mrs. Hartshorn mailed a packet of seeds and journals at the beginning of virtual learning. The students planted the seeds, documented growth, took pictures and shared with the class. We are raising some great gardeners at AES!

For math, Mrs. Hartshorn sent video lessons on Facebook and google classroom for students to complete. She video chatted or spoke on the phone to help the students who needed it. Many activities were listed that encouraged students to practice their multiplication facts. One of the favorite activities was doing a Kahoot on Zoom, so students could compete with one another - 3rd Grade students and parents were rock stars during virtual learning!

Mrs. Ferrell, Fourth Grade - ELA, Writing & Social Studies Mrs. O’Harrow’s Fourth Grade - Math & Science - Long-Distance Learning was a curve for all our students. However, 4th grade made the most of it and found new ways to persevere. Students were engaged in online learning activities on Google Classrooms. Students completed engaging hands-on activities that incorporated nature and completed “Cooking with Fractions”. Students also participated in virtual field trips to museums, landmarks, and even MARS!

Mrs. O’Harrow and Mrs. Ferrell conducted weekly Zoom meetings where the students had show and tell, participated in read-alouds with the novel “Where the Red Fern Grows”, played games, and conversed with their peers. Students also participated in teacher challenges. They had a set amount of time to complete a certain assignment and if done, the teacher completed a challenge such as the ice bucket challenge, etc. Students also engaged in virtual learning on i-Ready and Dreamscapes.

Paisley Perkins, Third Grade Earth Day Actvitity; Terry Dye
Preschool, Reading Day; Tyler Mayle - First Grade Reading

Mrs. Webb - Save the Children In-School Coordinator/Interventionist - During this time, it has been difficult for students, parents and teachers. I tried to make it as easy as I could on everyone. Each week, I stayed in contact with my students that were in my programing by speaking with them on Facebook Messenger, email and Facetime. I also created different levels of engagement activities that were placed in folders on OneDrive for easy access for teachers. Right before we started distance learning, my early literacy students were working on sight words. I sent my students sight word lists for practice and facetimed with students practicing. My students in 2-4 grades, read and completed book talks with me online.

I also recorded a read-aloud that was posted online for students to watch and listen to, and helped with arranging virtual online activities with other teachers. I submitted articles to the media and posted items on the AES website to keep the community updated on everything we were doing.

Zori Hudson, Fourth Grade Reading Day; Kaci & K'lyn
Miller Kindergarten & Second Grade, Earth Day, Bird
Feeders; Camry Parsons, Third Grade, Flat Mrs. Jarvis

Mrs. Hudson, Save the Children, Vroom - Community Ambassador - I have been doing Read alouds #SAVEWITHSTORIES for Save the Children for students to listen to. I also created virtual groups for sharing Vroom tips with brainy background for parents. I held a live drawing on Facebook for a boy and girl battery operated ride on toy from my AES groups and a $5 gift card from Walmart for 1 child from my Upper West Fork park group. I hosted a drive through play and learn group also.