By Bon Weaver

Calhoun social media has been riddled complaining about a Grantsville resident with COVID-19, ignoring their quarantine and circulating in the streets, possibly posing a risk to others.

Some of the social media posts made threats directed toward the person in a culture where most people say they get their news on Facebook.

Carrie Brainard, communications director of the Mid-Ohio Valley Health Department, told the Hur Herald the department contacted the individuals with a quarantine letter.

"The individuals are now very aware of the need to remain at home until released. To be released, it must be 10 days after the COVID-19 positive, at least 72 hours (3 days) without fever without any medications, and a resolution of symptoms," Brainard said.

It is also important for citizens to know that not everyone related to the individuals are required to quarantine. That is determined by the contact tracers.

It is decided if they were around the individual two days before testing, and after testing.

"Also it depends on how close a contact they had and for how long – for example were they within 6 feet for more than a few minutes," said Brainard.

The health department says they are determined to not only protect the individuals infected but also the community.

As a reminder, citizens are encouraged to wear a mask when in the public, remain 6 feet apart as much as possible and to wash/sanitize hands and avoid touching nose, mouth and eyes.

"These are concerning times. Now is the time to be careful, but also to show kindness and compassion," Brainard concluded.

The family of a second person with the virus, not living in Grantsville, advised the Herald they have followed all the quarantine rules.

So far, Calhoun has only two confirmed cases.

GRANTSVILLE CITIZENS UPSET OVER RESIDENT ALLEGED POSITIVE COVID-19 - Reports Say Person "Roaming Streets," Health Department Notified

ORIGINAL STORY 5/19/2020 - Numerous reports have surfaced during the past 24-hour on social media and by emails to the Hur Herald expressing concerns about an alleged Grantsville resident that has tested positive for Coronavirus and is ignoring self-quarantine.

The informants indicate the person continues to have a presence on the street of the town of 550 residents, the county seat.

Some residents are expressing outage, but there is no official way to confirm the information.

Carrie Brainard, communications director of the Mid-Ohio Valley Health Department, told the Herald Tuesday the incident had been reported to the agency, and they are "looking into it," and working on a resolution.