Tammey Webb, the STC Program Coordinator/Interventionist at Arnoldsburg Elementary School invites students to join in for Virtual Spirit/Field Day - Week.

"Since we are unable to have our field day and fun activities that we usually do at the end of the year, we thought we would try a virtual field day. Each day there is an activity that goes with the daily theme. Please try that activity and then there are 3 “field day” type events for you to do. Video yourself completing the tasks and share them with us on your Facebook group.

Videos demonstrations of these challenges may be seen   here  OR here

Making It Work Monday May 18th

It takes many people to make this work…dress up like your favorite Essential worker (our Heroes) Take a picture of you holding a Thank You sign! And of course, POST IT!

Egg Relay – carry an egg on a spoon up and around a cone (or other object) 2 person activity.; Bear Crawl – Have a ball (kick ball size) Get on all fours and push the ball down and around the object and back to the finish line. Time yourself, see if other players or yourself can beat your time.

Bottle Flip – Flip a water bottle holding onto the top. Flip it and try to get it to land upright. Flip it two times then do two jumping jacks. Continue for a minute. See how many times the bottle landed upright. Do as many times as you want to try and beat your time.

  Talk About It Tuesday May 19th

Do something creative … create and record a video about your experience with home schooling … remember to include your parents! And of course, POST IT!

Sponge Relay – Use a sponge or rag, soak it with water and run to an empty container. Fill the container by squeezing the water out of the sponge into the container. This can be done by yourself and time to see how long it takes or you can race with someone else.

  Bowl Ball – Have 6 bowls – place three in front (worth 1 point), two directly behind them (worth 2 points) and the last one in the back (3 points) in the shape of a triangle. Use a sock ball. Toss the ball for one minute. Keep track of your points.

Winding Down Wednesday May 20th

With the home schooling coming to an end, take a picture of you with an item that represents what you will be doing this summer. For example, if you are going fishing take a picture of you and your fishing pole. And of course, POST IT!

Ball Toss – (need at least four players) Make a ball out of socks for each team of two. Start close together and toss the ball to your partner. After you have both tossed the ball, move back one step and toss again. Continue until there is only one team that has not missed the toss. The last team to miss is the winner.

Oreo Tower – Two players. Build a cookie tower. In order to win cookies, you have to do exercises. Do two jumping jacks- get two cookies, then run to a plate and stack the cookies. Run back and do two squats. Get two cookies and stack them on your plate. Run back. Continue to do this until someone’s tower tumbles.

Obstacle Course – Find at least six objects. Space them in a path (could be straight or curved) run in between or jump the objects, you decide its your obstacle course. Time yourself and try to beat your time or see who has the better time.

Let’s see your talent …. But there’s a twist… your talent needs to reflect something in the past… an old song, last year’s popular dance, an old gymnastic routine, or anything you are talented at. Record and POST IT!

Throw Back Thursday May 21st

Water Bottle Trap – Place a laundry basket on top of the water bottle. (you will have to go to the site to see exactly how) Use a tennis ball or something similar and roll the ball towards the water bottle. If the bottle and the ball end up trapped under the basket you get 3 points, if just the bottle 2 points and if you just get the ball 1 point. Do this for 1-minute ad see how many points you get. You may need help setting up the basket each time.

Towel Flip Challenge – Lay a beach towel flat on the ground. Step on the towel. Now comes the hard part. Your feet have to stay on the towel. You have to flip the towel and have it laying flat on the reverse side you started from.

Sack Race – for two or more. Everyone gets a sack (if you don’t have a feed sack you can use a garbage bag). Mark off a start and finish line. Someone says go and you hop to the finish line. First one there on their feet wins.

Finale Friday May 22nd

Since this is our last day! Show your Calhoun Pride! Calhoun county has really stepped up to provide for our students and the community. They have followed the regulations and kept the virus away. Wear a Calhoun shirt or Calhoun colors to show your pride. Take a picture and of course POST IT!

Paper Ball Trick – Get a paper wad and a basket of some sort. Show us your best trick shot. (over the back, under the leg, etc.) Shoe Balance Challenge – Lay on a beach towel on your back. Lift one leg up so you can place a shoe on one foot. Balance the shoe as you completely roll over and return to the same position you started with the shoe still on your foot. Time yourself.

Three-Legged Race – at least four people. Create a start and finish line. Get a partner and tie a leg together (one right, one left) to create a third leg. Run or walk fast to the finish line.

Videos demonstrations of these challenges may be seen here OR here