Minnie Hamilton Health System continues to thank the public for their support. We have received several donations from community organizations such as food, well wishes, and thank yous. We appreciate everyone.

Social distancing is the key!

We continue our screening process, and have, to date, performed over 454 tests. We received a fax from DHHR Secretary Crouch, that leaves a lot of interpretation surrounding testing, but as a reminder, we continue to test all tiers of the CDC guidance. If a patient wants to be tested, we will test, the confusion comes in reference to there must be a provider order for the test.

Some reports make it sound as if anyone who shows up can be tested. That is only partially true in that there still needs to be an order by a provider.

The communication from the State should have emphasized that anyone can get a test, and must contact their provider/health department to discuss. Please contact your primary care provider, one of our offices or your local health department to discuss testing processes and available sites.

You can schedule a visit with a Minnie Hamilton provider by calling our main number 304-354-9244 or Grantsville office at 304-354-9704; Glenville office at 304-462-3407 MHHS will continue public announcements. The main focus is to educate the public that we are open, safe and ready to serve. It’s important that community understand this, and begin to receive necessary/important ancillary services, such as lab, radiology, therapies, etc.

MHHS requests for supplies to perform the new antibodies testing, as well as the reagents/supplies to perform COVID 19 testing in-house with our equipment continue, and the facility should have supplies within the next week to begin these types of tests. We continue to have the ability for immediate rapid testing through a partnership with Roane General Hospital, these are used in cases of imminent need, mainly slated for nursing home residents.

PPE supplies. Continue to be in good shape. Continue working with other facilities/organizations on securing additional quantities of PPE. Continue preparing for a possible resurgence this fall.

Stimulus funding. We continue to monitor and apply for all appropriate funding. To date we have received confirmation of stimulus and emergency funding, with the majority to cover payrolls and purchase of PPE supplies. We are evaluating several pieces of equipment in reference to directly assist with the COVID 19 needs. We have purchased air purifiers for the dental office, two new bi-pap machines, installation of new automatic opening doors at the annex and dental office.

We are now focusing on recovery, rebuilding and revitalizing services. This past week we began reopening of services, with our last services, dental, to reopen on May 11. In our approach to opening safely and resume all services, the ability to meet the current and ongoing healthcare needs of all patients is imperative. We are reopening services in accordance with all state and national guidelines. The most complicated thing about reopening is trying to prevent the influx of a lot of patients at one time, maintaining the ongoing needs to have social distancing. This is difficult, but we facing this head-on, and want to assure the public we will continue to address patient safety as our top priority. It’s important that we communicate and educate our patients that healthcare services are being delivered in a safe environment. Some the stringent requirements we have met are:

Patient screening process
Proper PPE for staff and patients
Proper supply chains for PPE, medications and other supplies
Nontraditional scheduling – maintaining social distancing
Increased cleaning and sanitizing processes

Easy access to information per our website at the following link: mhhs.healthcare/covid-19

I am very proud of the work our staff is doing. These are certainly stressful times for everyone. I’m sure I’ve missed something, so please send me any questions or concerns. Happy Mother’s Day! God Bless!

Stephen Whited, MBA,CEO Minnie Hamilton Health System
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Grantsville, WV 26147
Ph: 304-354-9735 Fax: 304-354-5963
email: stephen.whited@mhhs.healthcare