The West Virginia State Police arrested a Chloe man following an incident Sunday on South Calhoun Highway.

Rondell Lynn Losh, Jr., 48, was charged with brandishing a deadly weapon by Sgt. C. J. Weekley and incarcerated in Central Regional Jail, with bond set at $3000.

State Police said they were advised Larry Harold II, the victim, took his uncle, Randy Miller, to an uncle's residence at 26491 South Calhoun Highway.

Harold had advised police when he arrived, a Rondell Losh, the defendant, came at him with a knife and threatened him, and Harold then drove away from the property.

Sgt. Weekley responded to the scene with Cpl. J. B. Hunt. Upon arrival, for officer safety, the officer's had guns drawn.

Calhoun County 911 advised that they were told that Losh also had a gun in a holster on his side. Losh, according to the criminal complaint, "Came out on the front porch and was told to put his hands on his head, was secured and was found to have a revolver in a holster on one side of his waste and a long, fixed blade knife, in a sheath on the other hip."

The complaint says weapons were secured and the defendant was placed in temporary custody until the officer's could speak to the witnesses. The officers spoke to the witnesses.

The victim's girlfriend, Beverly Morrison, who resides there with Randy Miller, advised that she did witness the defendant walking towards the truck that Harold and Mr. Miller were in.

She said that Losh had a knife in his hand, advised when the parties left, Losh put the knife back in it's sheath. Mr. Miller advised that when he and the victim pulled into the driveway of the residence, the defendant walked towards the truck and told the victim that he was going to cut his throat.

"Mr. Miller advised that Losh had the knife in his hand and was holding it so the blade was down below the little finger on the defendant's hand. The victim advised that he pulled into the uncle's residence and the defendant was bent over next to the trailer."

There was some discussion over the ownership of the trailer. The victim said that he backed up the truck toward the roadway to get away from Losh who was still walking towards the truck with the knife in his hand while he was backing up, according to the complaint.

The victim advised that Losh said, "I will kill you." The victim advised that he believed that the defendant would have tried to cut him if he didn't take the actions that he did. The defendant drove away from the scene with his uncle.