Mr. McCumbers’ Kindergarten

Mr. McCumbers’ Kindergarten class is learning about plants and types of plants that grow underground, above, and on trees. While learning through engaging activities and from videos, the students were taught how to make their own green house and plant seeds using sun light and heat conduction to learn that sunlight gives energy to plants, since this is one type of item that is needed for survival.

Bryson Casner's nature creation (L) and
Alliana Hill reads to her little sister

Cooper Summers "Rainstorm in a Jar"(L)
and Emma Frail Milk Jug Watering Can

Miss Stoops’ First Grade Reading and Social Studies

Students in Miss Stoops’ class have been reading lots of books while being home. They have designed ads for “gross” new sodas and were asked to choose a country to research and find out interesting facts.

Mrs. Beall’s First Grade Math and Science

Mrs. Beall’s first grade class has been doing engaging math activities using a deck of cards. These are great practices that the whole family can engage in and enjoy! Students also have had fun with Science with an activity called “Rainstorm in a Jar”. Students used a clear container, water, shaving cream, food coloring, and a dropper to show students the connection between clouds and rain.

Alex Starcher, Signs of Spring(L) and Grayson Hill creating solar oven

Mrs. Summers’ Second Grade Science

AES second graders made milk jug watering cans as one of their engagement activities for Science. Then, they were asked to put their watering cans to use by watering plants for their families. At AES, part of our Science lessons involve planting and raising plants in our greenhouses. Our Science objectives involve plants and their needs. One need our class identified is the need for water. To extend that standard, we made the milk jug watering cans and then tried them out. The students enjoyed the activity and now have a functional tool to use in their home gardening. Thanks to Mrs. Julie Summers for the activity suggestion.

Miss Allen’s Second Grade Science Students

Miss Allen’s classes participated in a reverse scavenger hunt where the students picked a specific fruit and gave Miss Allen clues without naming their fruit. The focus of this activity was the use of adjectives. Then Miss Allen had to guess the name of their fruit based on the clues given. This activity was enjoyed by all!

Mrs. Hartshorn’s Third Grade Science Students

Third grade students participated in many Earth Day activities. They picked up trash around their houses, planted trees and plants, made and used solar ovens, made posters and recycling boxes, cleaned doorknobs and created faces from nature!

Hoyt Helmick 4th Grade ZOOM Meeting

Mrs. Jarvis’ Third Grade Reading Students

For the last week or so, Mrs. Jarvis's third grade students have been working on a variety of reading activities ranging from rewriting their favorite stories ending to Earth day projects. They have also been keeping a daily journal on their life during this pandemic. This will help them be able to look back when they get older and remember what happened in the year 2020. Keep up the great work kiddos! I miss you!

Mrs. Ferrell’s and Mrs. O’Harrow’s Fourth Grade Classes

Students in Mrs. Ferrell’s reading classes have been reading “Where the Red Fern Grows”. The students are enjoying this so very much. Mrs. O’Harrow had 20 who participated in math Kahoot. The students also participated in Earth Day activities. The students were asked to take a stroll and find objects in nature to create their own name. Several students participated in this activity. Both fourth grade classes have been conducting ZOOM meetings with students. These meetings have brought students together virtually. They read with the teachers and play games. They have an average of about 18 students attend each meeting.

Camry Parsons, doing her part to recycle (L) and
Christian Rogers, Reading "Where the Red Fern Grows"

Mrs. Stewart’s Physical Education

In Physical Education, Mrs. Stewart has a google classroom set up for all students that includes indoor and outdoor activities to promote being active.  The activities include minimal special equipment but encourage creativity.  These activities include obstacle courses, using playing cards as a fitness workout, exercises that promote strength and balance, and encouraging outdoor time with family and nature walks.  The goal is 60 minutes of active play a day. 


Mrs. Hudson and Vroom

Vroom distributed diapers, wipes, hand sanitizer, and soap to the families that they serve, through Save the Children.

Title 1 Reading

Renita Benson, Title I teacher at AES, has been writing letters to the students. She knows that students love to talk to their teachers, but they also love to get mail. She has to date written and sent 93 letters to students. She sends approximately 25 letters each week. If you have not received a letter, don’t worry you will. If you have received a letter let her know by replying to her letter, she like to get mail too!

Reading Tip from Title I

Above all the purpose for reading a book together should be for enjoyment. Take time to enjoy reading with your child. Read everything and read often…. Even if that means reading a favorite book over and over again.

1. Ask questions before during and after you read. Ask the who, what, when, where, and why of a story. What was the problem and how was it solved?
2. Talk about the pictures. Illustrations help a reader understand the text .so talk about them.
3. Search and find – If your child is younger (pre-school-kinderagerten0 use the text and pictures to find letters, words, colors and shapes. Find the letters in their names, find a specific color. This will help with those skills but also helps them see things in context.
4. I read. You read. – If your child is still learning to read or struggles. Follow the I read you read strategy. You can alternate sentences or even pages. This is a great way to model fluency.

**Note: All AES classes are utilizing Google Classrooms for instruction.