HEART PATHS - By Alice Hickman Sawtelle


Around a year ago, Steve mentioned a place up north that held a tulip festival once a year and that he had always wanted to go. I said, “Well, let’s go!” “So we did!” With reservations and itinerary completed, we boarded our dog Coco and headed to Holland, Michigan!

What an adventure! Two days of festivities including a town parade, street dancing by couples wearing wooden shoes and Dutch attire. Children spontaneously joining in was so much fun to watch. Of course doing a walking tour of the Main Street hub area rewarded us with Holland’s best tasty eateries complimented by music with the Holland genre flair!

Of course the bonus was walking through acres of beautiful tulips of every color, size, variety and design. Then a guided tour through a large working windmill and gazing at the beauty below from atop was especially interesting and educational.

I left Holland with a better understanding of a beautiful culture and people, with a whetted appetite for the lifestyle and atmosphere of this Dutch environment.

I’d visit this village festival again in a heartbeat; but next time I’d soak in it longer and love it more extensively. Thank you husband for a wonderfully planned delayed birthday trip!