AES STUDENTS GARDENING AT HOME - Earth Day Challenge Contestants

Braydon McKown (left) and Grayson Hill

Hoyt Helmick,(left) 4th grade student measures
the growth of his plants; and Sam Bailey waters his

Submitted by Tammey Webb
Save the Children In-School
Program Coordinatior/Interventionist By Kelley Sampson O’Harrow

Arnoldsburg Elementary School students in 3rd and 4th grade received gardening packages in the mail. These packages included various flower and vegetable seeds, gardening journal, ruler and pencils to get them started on their very own at-home garden.

They have been working very diligently planting and caring for their seeds. Plants are growing so well; they have even begun the separating and transplanting process.

Most recent, they have accepted the Earth Day challenge and have posted pictures on social media at #YEPEarthday2020 One lucky recipient will be chosen as being environmentally friendly.

Kudos to these kiddos!