Want to continue to thank the public for their support, and let everyone know that their efforts are working, but we need to keep it up. Social distancing is the key!

COVID 19 Testing.

We continue our screening processes, and have updated our tools in accordance with the updated CDC guidelines. Currently testing supplies are meeting our demands. We were working on an intense plan to test all Minnie Hamilton Health System nursing home residents and staff, then on Friday the Governor’s executive order came out stating that all nursing home residents and staff would be tested, which is great.

Previous guidelines didn’t allow for testing unless symptoms were present or known exposure occurred. We should have our entire nursing home census and staff tested by mid-week and will continue a process to test nursing home employees ongoing, as well as test all that have symptoms, etc. We are in discussions with Gilmer County Health Department to assist with the testing requirements for the Glenville Nursing home.

We, along with many organizations, continue trying to secure the best tests possible for our community members. We have reviewed and requested supplies to perform the new antibodies testing, as well as follow up on the reagents/supplies to perform COVID 19 testing in-house with our equipment.

All are very important in the process we will need to assist in reopening the economy, but more importantly protection of our community members.

However, WV and our region, is at the bottom of the list, citing that we are not a hot spot, however in my opinion, this is really counterproductive in that we should be priority as to make sure virus is contained and doesn’t spread.

We continue our fight to secure additional testing equipment and supplies. I would like to thank our current outside reference labs for their performance in the testing processes. They have been able to reduce the amount of time it takes for a test results to return, dramatically. In the beginning this was taking upwards of 14 days to receive a results, their turnaround time is almost less than 2 days now.

However, if we are able to secure the reagents to perform in house, these results could be available within hours.

PPE Supplies

Continue to be in good shape, working with new State directive to request PPE supplies through the OES of each county. Continue working with other facilities/organizations on securing additional quantities of PPE.

Continue working with Roane General Hospital on collaborative efforts surrounding PPE supplies, specialty services and Laboratory supplies and rapid testing.

We continue our daily team meetings, meetings with our associations and local health departments, as well as continue employees self-monitoring, temperature logs and report any health issues. Continue to update employee testing guidelines in accordance with CDC.

Stimulus Funding

We continue to monitor and apply for all appropriate funding, as our goal is to secure all the funding we can for our organization and community.

Continue public announcements surrounding visitor restrictions, patient flow and access, as well as information about the telehealth services. Telehealth services are going really well, and we continue to ask all community members to utilize this as a way of practicing social distancing. As always though, if a persons is in immediate need of medical attention they should call seek immediate medical attention. Co-pay will be waived for all televisits. Televisits are extremely important, encourage patients to make an apportionment.

Grantsville office at 304 -354- 9704

Glenville office at 304- 462- 3407

Dental services are still available for emergency visits. Call 304-354-5999.

Staff continue to take this in stride and continue extraordinary efforts for providing services. I can’t thank staff enough for their courage, dedication and overall high spirits during these trying times.

Easy access to information per our website at the following link: https://www.mhhs.healthcare/covid-19.html Please send me any questions or concerns. Happy Easter! Have a great weekend and stay safe, and God Bless all of us. Stay strong! Steve Stephen Whited, MBA CEO Minnie Hamilton Health Care Center, Inc.