STONEWOOD SHOOTING - A man is dead following an officer involved shooting incident in Nutter Fort earlier this month.

According to a news release from the Harrison County Sheriff's Office, an officer from the Nutter Fort Police Department responded to a physical domestic call on the 400 block of Illinois Avenue. An officers from Stonewood Police Department responded as back up.

When officers arrived, they were told by family on scene that the suspect, Leneard M Bliss, was armed with a knife.

Police say Bliss was assaulting a woman when they encountered him.

Police tried to communicate with Bliss for compliance but were unsuccessful.

The Stonewood Police officer tried to take Bliss into custody with a taser, but was unsuccessful, according to the news release. The officer then shot Bliss to stop the treat.

Harrison County Sheriff’s Office were called in to investigate. They recovered the knife on scene.

According to the Sheriff's office, the woman was taken to the hospital for medical treatment of her injuries. Bliss was pronounced dead on the scene.