A community that was crippled by grief months ago has found a way to remember someone special they lost. Members of the Roane County community came together Wednesday to build a remembrance stone for Alex Miller.

He was a Roane County High School football player who collapsed during a football game.

Officials say he was given CPR and was rushed to the hospital. Miller died at the hospital later that night. The stone meant to honor his memory sits on the football field.

"I think it's the perfect placement, I think it's where it needed to be," said Roane County Football Coach Paul Burdette. "We have a big helmet, inflatable helmet, that we come out of before the games on Friday night, and it was kind of strategically placed there that way."

The memorial was finished about a month ago, but because it was placed on the field right when the pandemic was getting underway, it hasn't been seen much by the public.

Coach Burdette says he and members of the Roane community miss Miller everyday.