Magistrate Court cases are listed by Defendant Name. Case year (00) M-Misdemeanor F-Felony. Issuing Agency. Offense. Magistrate [RP] Richard G. Postalwait, [LD] Lora N. Davis. Disposition of Case.

CSD - Calhoun County Sheriff's Department
CCP - Calhoun County Prosecutor
MPD - Grantsville Municipal Police Department
DPS - WV Department of Public Safety - State Police
DNR - WV Dept. of Natural Resources Police Officer
DOH - WV Department of Highways
PSC - WV Public Service Commission
DOF - WV Department of Forestry
BOE - Calhoun County Board of Education

Magistrate Court Case Disposition Reports do not include, jail sentences, fines and/or court costs that may be imposed.

March 2020 Felonies

John Michael Snyder - 2019. DPS. Grand larceny. [RP] Dismissed.

Burton Paul Copen. - 2020. DPS. Manufacture/Delivery/Possession with Intent [LD]Preliminary hearing waived.

March 2020 Misdemeanors

Robin Lucille Shamblin - 2018. CSD. Left of center; License suspended/revoked-general; Registration violation; MVI violation; No proof of insurance. [LD] Dismissed with prejudice.

Sherry L. Jones - 2019. CSD. Unlawful running at large or trespassing of livestock on property of other landowners. [RP] Dismissed.

Michael Frederick Morris - 2020. DPS. License suspended/revoked-general; Expired registration;MVI violation; Defective equipment. [RP] No contest plea.

Nancie Gibson - 2020. DNR. Solid Waste Violation; Open dumps. [RP] No contest plea.

Jessica K. Jarvis - 2020. DNR. License suspended/revoked-general.[LD] Guilty plea-agreement.

Faith Danielle Mueller - 2020. DPS. MVI violation. [LD] Dismissed.

Amy R. Rush - 2020. DNR. Failed to kill Doe before second Buck. [LD] No contest plea.

Perry D. Dye - 2020. DNR. Failed to kill Doe before second Buck. [RP] No contest plea.

Dillon Michael Richards - 2020. DNR. Failed to kill Doe before second Buck. [LD] No contest plea.

Benjamin Ray Fox - 2020. CSD. MVI violation; License suspended/revoked-general; Registration violation. [RP] NO contest plea.

Travis Wayne Sampson - 2020. DPS. Possession <15 grams marijuana. [RP] NO contest plea.

Brittany N. Jarett - 2020. CSD. Possession <15 grams marijuana. [RP] NO contest plea.

Cassandra Collins - 2020. DPS. No proof of insurance. [LD] Dismissed.

Andrea D. Simmons - 2020. DPS. No proof of insurance; No operators in possession. [LD] Dismissed.