SOME GAS STATIONS CHANGE HOURS - Gasoline Costs Dropping Below $1.80 Gallon

Some of Calhoun's gasoline providers have changed their hours.

ChaTis in Grantsville, effective today, announced they are changing their hours during the COVID virus pandemic, effective today.

ChaTis operating hours:

Monday - Friday: 6am to 7pm

Saturday: 7am to 7pm

Sunday: Closed

In addition, for any patrons who are immuno-suppressed, they may call the store to schedule an appointment for fuel or other services, according to Tia Satterfield.

Bakers Mart in Grantsville will be open 7 am-5 pm, but could stay open later if busy.

Holberts Store in Big Bend is open 7 am-7 pm Monday through Saturday, closed Sunday.

Speedy Mart in Arnoldsburg is open 24/7.